Medical CBT

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Fatal Femdom Movies - Medical CBTMedical CBT starring Mistress Gemini

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This slave has come in for an exam and Mistress Gemini dressed in a sexy nurse’s uniform starts by properly restraining him with some rope bondage and a gas mask for some visual and auditory sensual deprivation. As she is doing this Gemini slaps his balls very hard. She goes right into some good ballbusting and testicle squeezing. No medical scene would be complete with out inserting a catheter so Gemini cleans him up and then shoves the surgical tubing down his pee hole. The catheter is in place braining the slaves bladder and he is properly restrained so Gemini can begin her treatment. She begins to stick needles in to his scrotom turning his ball sack into a pin cushion. When there is no more room to put needles into his testicles Gemini pierces the head of his penis and runs needles down the shaft of his cock while he grunts and groans. With his penis covered with needles Gemini does manage to find room for one more. She removes the catheter for access to his pee hole so that she can place sounds down his urethra to dilate it. Gemini fucks his pee hole with this big shaft of metal. Then she gets out a vibrator and uses it to vibrate the sound while it is penetrating deep into his body. She runs the vibrator along all the needles piercing his balls. Now Gemini has moved up to a sound that is the size of her little finger and she slowly works it into the slaves cock and his toes spread with the sensation. Gemini slowly removes the needles one by one and then slaps the crap out of his ball. She squeezes them like they were putty and the slave gets rock hard while Gemini slaps his cock. After all those pins this slave still manages to take one hell of a ballbusting as Gemini hits harder and harder to try and find his limits.

Watch Medical CBT movie preview.

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Medical CBT starring Mistress Gemini